How Can your Business Benefit from an Open Mic Night

Updated: Jan 19

You have a business? Check. You want to bring in some extra sales? Check. You want to encourage new patrons to your business? Check. You want to support local? Check.

Well, that's about all you need. Thanks for reading.

Not enough? Okay, let's elaborate...

You Have a Business

Your business is doing well, you have a good location, lot's to offer and it's got some room. Enough room to maybe host a small to medium function. That room may even include some stage area. It may even be free most nights of the week. Perfect!

You may even have some outdoor space that can be utilised or even just some room near the bar.

If You have sound equipment and a mic, that's super but a lot of the Open Mic Organisers do have their own equipment.

That's about all you need to host an Open Mic Night. Oh, and the comedians. don't worry we operate on a BYO Comedians basis.

You want to bring in some extra sales

Open Mic nights aren't generally held on weekends where your sales are already high. They're held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays with the idea being that people are more likely to go out on these days so the event is an attraction, an encouragement for people to go out and go to your business. These aren't your busiest days, but these comedy nights will boost your sales up that bit more.

Let's talk averages...

If Open Mic night sells 60 Tickets and each person buys only 1 drink at about $8, that's $520. Of course we know that people do generally buy more than one drink, especially when they're having fun (and they will be!)

So let's say half of these people buy an additional drink at $8 each, that's another $256.

Most Open Mics will run for approx 3hrs. Two bar staff on for 3 hours at approximately $25 per hour is only $150 of your sales not including food/beverage cost of course. (Listen we're comedians, we don't know as much as you about foodcost.) So now we're looking at around $620.

That's assuming that people are not ordering food and are ordering minimal drinks. This number could be far greater should people buy 2 or more drinks each and dinner.

If your venue offers food services, and a minimum of 20 of the 65 people order a $20 meal, that's $400. Your Business will most likely already have chefs on if you have a restaurant so the costs associated there could be minimal.

Some of these people could be people that were at your venue anyway and have now decided to stay on for the show and therefore are buying some extra drinks that they wouldn't have before.

A lot of these patrons will be new patrons that may not have been to your business before or don't frequent it often. Which leads us onto...

You want to encourage new patrons to your business

Your new regulars are out there just waiting to find you!

New customers are great! That's all new sales for your business and an opportunity for patrons to see what you have to offer in the way of service, atmosphere and entertainment. This creates return customers who are now seeing your venue for the first time and wanting to come back more often.

This benefits you not just for Open Mic Nights but for your business on a weekly basis. As customers are walking through your venue and enjoying the atmosphere, they're looking around and taking notes of what they like. If they enjoyed your venue and see you have lot's to offer such as:

- a playground (hello dinner for the whole family!)

- a great outdoor space, (for their next event)

- a great menu with varied options, (“oh hey my veggo friend can eat here”)

- you have a cool bar area for the weekend or even just the general atmosphere can be so appealing they want to come back and bring their friends.

You want to support local

Thank you! We truly appreciate it!

The opportunity for local and new comics to practice their craft and create a fun night full of laughs for Townsvillians is a fantastic reason to host an open mic night. You will be supporting local artists (often performers that already have a following and *maybe* some friends that will tag along.) You will be giving new talent the opportunity to practice their sets, you will be giving event organisers a great opportunity to support themselves through their craft and expand their knowledge and expertise in event running and through these open mic nights, you will be increasing your sales for the night, allowing you to put on more staff and lastly, helping us to expand the comedy scene in Townsville and bringing larger comedy names to Townsville is a great way to support all our local vendors and allows us to hire local photographers and other services to increase our awareness which in turn, will increase our reach and up our ticket sales.

Overall, this is a fantastic and mutually beneficial opportunity for your business and comedy in Townsville and we'd love to chat to you about it further if this is something that interests you.

Email us on and we'll answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for coming to our TEDTalk.

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