So you want to go to a Comedy Show?

Updated: Jan 19

You've just discovered that Townsville has a vast and lively comedy community. Good for you! You think to yourself, "why haven't I heard about this before?"

You find out when the next event is on and you're keen to go! (hint hint ...)

Here's some things to consider.. some suggestions or guidelines if you please, before you embark on this comedy awakening.

1) No phone calls please!

If you need to make or take a phone call, please take it outside. Comics work hard on their sets and shows are designed for maximum audience engagement.

Phone calls and phone noises in general can be distracting for the performer and the audience and break the mood that the comic has set. Yes, that includes swiping right sounds.

By all means, take pictures, tag the venue, the performer and your friends but keeping your phone on silent is the safest bet.

2) Be respectful if you heckle.

Heckling is a taboo topic. Heckling can be funny depending on the context but be wary of the response you may get if you try your luck.

Experienced comics can deal with heckling but for a new performer, it may be the difference between a good time or a traumatic experience.

Keep heckling to a minimum and make sure what you're saying isn't vulgar or disrespectful. If you think you're just that funny and simply cannot contain yourself, you can jump on stage at the next Open Mic and throw your jokes there.

3) Nobody Likes a Chatty Kathy.

Kimmy look at moi, I've got one thing to say to you: show some respect.

Some events and comedy venues are more relaxed, they are outdoors or have a dinner and show vibe. We get it... but that still isn't a reason to have loud conversations while someone is on stage performing.

It's distracting, tacky and inconsiderate.

Quiet conversations are fine but if you can be heard at the next table over, you're too loud and shall be subject to the judgment of your peers.

What did you expect when you booked in for a comedy show?

4) Some jokes won't be for you, and that's ok.

While overall we hold comics to a standard of conduct, we can't censor a comedians work.

Everyone has a different style and approach when it comes to sensitive and potentially controversial subject matter. A lot of the time, jokes that pertain to these topics are an exaggerated representation of the comics views or views of others and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Don't worry, the crowds silence will let the comedian know if what they've said is truly not funny.

Open Mic nights are open to the general public for sign up so we never know what we might get. It's important to not let one act or show taint your view of the comedy in the region. We are lucky to have such a vast and diverse range of talent in Townsville and North Queensland and to put down comedy in the region based off one act or show that you didn't like would be doing the Stand Up Comedians in the region a disservice

Comedy is subjective and what's funny to some, may not be to others. This doesn't necessarily mean that the comic is bad, it just means it might not be your taste and you can rest assured knowing that you're above it.

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