Past Events

We don't mean to brag but check out our previous events.


Comedy @ The Centen presents Jacques Barrett

December 4th, 2020

A night of comedy that knocked our thongs off! 

After 9 years on the Australian club and festival circuit Jacques has become a bona­fide international headliner, known for his ability to adapt to any crowd and throw relentless and consistently sharp comedy blows. Weaving character renditions into social commentary is his true strength, utilizing it to show the lighter side of much heavier subject matter. Audiences are left thinking and laughing long after curtains have closed.

Featuring some of North Queensland's best comedians - Navin Dev, Gemma Delatorre, Jay Wymarra & Richo

This event was organized by the hilarious and talented Nick Jones with special thanks to The Centenary Hotel Pimlico.

Townsville vs Cairns Annual Roast Battle 2020

October 21st, 2020

Cairns best comedians descended upon North Queensland's best city to put on a show and try and take the crown back off Townsville in the annual verbal destruction derby.

*Spoiler alert* We won!

Cairns comedians started off the show doing sets and the evening was finished off with a no holds barred, gloves off, pants on roast battle that made 2020 say "Ease up Turbo you've gone a bit far there"

Hosted by Justin Brown at The Commonwealth Hotel, this event featured Townsville Comedians Nick Jones, Tim Axton, Navin Dev and Tom 'Grizz' Cameron who unleashed an onslaught of verbal destruction upon Cairn's Comedians Jay Wymarra, Macca Melody, Crawf and Billy Bogues.

With a special special message from Mayor Jenny Hill (we couldn't get a hold of Bob Manning, we're told he was busy chasing ibis's) the night was a tremendous success.  


International Women's Week 
Laugh 'til you Leak comedy night

March 7, 2020

In a celebration of the talented  Townsville women of comedy, event organizer and incredibly talent Jaqueline Bisson hosted an all women comedy line up.

The event was an incredible showcase of female talent in the region and was a sold out event of more that 250 people. 

MC Sarah Bonanno kept us energised and entertained along with special performances from Susan Mattocks, Sharon "Shazza" Solomon and Jaqueline Bisson herself.