Stand Up Townsville

Open Mics, Pro shows, Roast Battles, We've got them all.

Stand Up Townsville

Stand Up Townsville

Townsville is home to some of North Queensland's top comics (just don't tell Cairns we said that!)

You know what, tell them, we don't even care. We've taken victory in the last two Townsville vs Cairns Annual Roast Battles, we're not afraid of them.

Thanks to The Comedy Generation (Townsville's OG stand up comedy organization,) who helped pave the way for 9 years, Stand Up Comedy in Townsville has been thriving and we hope to continue the comedy legacy. 

Stand Up Townsville is a collaboration of Local Comedy Event Organisers and acts as a Head Quarters for all Local Comedy Events.

We host a wide variety of events that include Open Mics, Roast Battles and Pro Shows.

So if you've ever dreamed of ticking Stand Up Comedy off your bucket list, want to start a new hobby, are interested in pursuing a career in Stand Up, have a venue that would benefit from hosting a Comedy Event or just want to come along for the laughs (and cringes), Stand Up Townsville has everything you need to know to get you on your way.

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